dlvldrecordswallpaperWe got some new tracks headed your way.

Are you prepared it? For a mixtape like no other? For a taste of music that reminds you of quality, but can’t be defined side by side with anything else of our era? Come kick it with the artist’s that choose to make DLVLD Records the home of their “audio recording” needs. If you are interested, which i’m sure you are, then stay tuned to see some brand new artists that hail from Edmonton, Ab, all of them delivering exceptional fire, quality bars, and bread winning lyricism. How hot are you spitting these days? Wheres the originality, the complexity? The classics were a classic for a reason. In the time and age that we’re in, its up to our generation to not let our innovation die out. We all have to keep alive our spark of creativity, honor, and integrity.


-DLVLD Records

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